What You Should Know About Flexispy

As far as advanced monitoring is concerned, FlexiSPY has got the features other software providers cannot offer. In fact, it is the most popular when it comes to recording ambient noise, call intercepting, and call recording through the built-in microphone. Nowadays, there are several monitoring programs on the market. Finding one that best suits your needs is quite difficult. You need to follow Flexispy installation instructions to ensure the app works for you as required. In this post, you will know the ins and outs of this advanced monitoring application.

Flexispy features and versions

Flexit2w3egdc6y23e7u22spy is available in two main monitoring packages: Flexispy Extreme and Flexispy premium version. The majority of users use premium version has it offers the basics they need that are easily available in other spy software. However, you will not use call recording and call intercept features. These two important features are available in Extreme version.

Flexispy premium

This version comes with standard features you can expect to get from cell phone spy. It logs call logs, IM chat messages, store, pictures, video, audio, and other multimedia files. The following are the major features you will find with the premium version.

Keyword notifications

You will be reminded when certain words are used. Such words can be sent to the phone as email or text. This is quite important when monitoring things or words that are associated with drugs.

Manage applications

You can stop, block, and uninstall apps that are running on your target device. Also, you can update and upgrade remotely. It is not a must that you have your gadget at hand to make modifications to the monitoring software. In this way, you will enjoy the latest, useful features.

Flexispy extreme version

This is the vetg23efdc6y222rsion of Flexispy that makes them leaders in this market. You will enjoy different features such as call recording, live call intercept, and ambient recording. The fact that it is located outside the USA allows them to work through loopholes. They easily evade legal suits that most monitoring software development companies are now facing. However, this does not mean that you should stop obeying laws. In fact, on their website, they have stressed the need to obey laws even when using this spy software.

Advanced features work quite well. They depend on the strength of cellular signal of the target phone. Also, the recorded call quality is dependent on the connection.

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