Simple Steps To Getting Your Ex Back

Is there a way a relationship can be saved after a breakup? This is a question asked by so many people. The answer is yes; a relationship can be saved from the ending.

The tips below will help you get your ex back:

Write down your ex’s complaints

trxddfgyhjRemember all the things your spouse used to complain about and write them down. This helps you learn your mistakes and at a point helps you drive away shame and guilty. Go through the complaints regularly and think of how the same can be corrected. Get answers for each issue, think and rethink in case he or she comes back if you are in a position to stay away from the mistakes.

Clean up yourself

You are obviously very guilty of the pain you caused your spouse, and from step two above you already know what caused them pain. Get a lesson from each of the mistakes. Figure out what best you could have done to avoid the listed mistakes. Make a list of solutions to the problems and ways to avoid repeating the same. Also think of what made you make a mistake, what triggered you to take that route. By the end of this step, you will have understood yourself and even forgiven your mistakes.

Agree with your ex that you are willing to divorce the old relationship

Plan a date with your ex, preferably their favorite joints or a totally new base. Through actions prove to them that you still want them in your life and that you have identified your mistakes and willing to correct them. Remember to carry with you the list of your old habits and the new habits you are planning to adapt. At this meeting do not criticize your partner, avoid questions like if they are too willing to change. Focus only on your mistakes and how you are planning to eradicate them.

Reconnect from the point of strength

trfgsdvhbjAt this time you are likely feeling so good about yourself because you managed to identify and correct your mistakes. Try talking to your ex in a playful and engaging manner and you will see how happy they will be. Promise to change and never go back to the same mistakes. Give your partner time after this date to decide if they are willing to take you back or not. The bad past is now replaced with an anticipation of a better tomorrow.

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