Five qualities of a good banner design

When planning to print an appealing material to advertise your business, you must consider the design that will promote your brand. You have to know or research on a good item that comprises of a good design that can help you meet your objectives. The following are qualities of a good banner design;


The design has to be readable so as to accomplish its objective. The reader should be able to read and clearly understand the message. The font used should be clear enough to avoid straining the reader eyes to adjust to the message so that he/she can understand. A readable message entices the reader to read all through into details to get the information intended.

Use of space

The whiteSpace provided should be well used to avoid cluttered words which are not appealing to the reader’s eyes. The cluttered design makes it difficult for the reader to understand the message. The designer should be able at the same time to relay all the message in the space provided just as the reader should be able to get the intended message.

Target audience

The designer should know the targeted audience and focus on them. A message intended for the teenagers may be different from that targeted for the mature adults. An appropriate message should be used for every targeted audience. The designer should know different stylistic devices that should be able to capture different audiences.

Spelling and grammar

The printed material should be free from any spelling and grammatical errors. Before printing the material, it should be counter checked to ensure there is no error or omission of some words which may cause grammatical errors. Such errors may portray the company as careless and may not impress the people. It is not normal to find such errors in printed materials thus the designer has to be very careful.

The layout

The page designed should be appealing keeping in mind it for the public interest and not for yourself, so it has to be attractive. The design should be able to communicate effectively with clear information precise and to the point. The choice of colors too should attractive to capture the attention of the reader. It should be well planned and without a lot of jargons that will confuse the reader. The designer should achieve a proper arrangement of words to bring out the message clearly. The layout speaks a lot even before the reader concentrates to read the message conveyed. Visit for more information.

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