Embryo Freezing

Egg freezing, a technique where the eggs of a woman are removed from the ovaries by a reproductive endocrinologist, frozen then stored in a laboratory has changed how women can have children. The egg freezing process involves embryo freezing ivf cryopreservation technology. Today, thousands of women freeze their eggs which give them the power to have biological children when they are ready and not when the biological clock dictates they should.

Benefits of eggs freezing

Achieve their career goalsdfsfsdfsf

This is one of the major benefits of egg freezing. It allows women to focus on their professional goals, finds the right marriage partner when the time is right and ultimately has total control of their life by choosing the right time to get pregnant. This puts women on the same level as women whose biological clock do no tick as loudly.

Women feel more empowered

Every woman feels the pressure to beat the biological clock which egg freezing helps to take out. Most women state that even though they may never use the frozen eggs, knowing that they are there helps to lift a heavy weight off their shoulders.

Reduces pressure of rushing into a relationship

Every woman has finite eggs that continue to decline with age. It is most favorable for women to get pregnant in the early 20s when the rates of getting pregnant are 25% every month. The average pregnancy rate declines for women in their 30s to 15 % monthly and drops to 5% for women in their 40s. It is almost impossible to get pregnant when a woman is 50 years and above.

While premature ovsdfedfsfdsarian failure and early pregnancy also affect the chances of getting pregnant, Egg freezing gives women the assurance that they will be able to have biological children even in their 40. This, in turn, takes out the pressure of rushing into a relationship because the biological clock is ticking.

Egg freezing technology has been around for many years, and it promises results. Today, thousands of couple have had their children from frozen eggs. However, though the number of frozen eggs in the medical laboratory is so high, the women who come back to use the eggs is not as large. As stated above, knowing that you can use your eggs even when the biological clock states otherwise empowers women and makes them and less anxious.