Asbestos was used for roofing, insulation, and flooring in offices and homes but, it was realized to pose a health risk to human hence people started removing it from buildings. When weakened, it emits fibers that when breathed in the lead to breathing problems, lung cancer, and asbestosis. All these are very risky and could take forever to heal. It is therefore very important to have it removed before causing harm to the building occupants.
gvsdfhbjnOnce removed, it should be disposed of only in approved sites. The waste must be clearly marked to show its presence. A plan should be put in place before the asbestos removal process to take place. It is best if a licensed asbestos removalist is hired.

The plan should point out:

• The amount and dimensions of waste.
• Storage place of the waste before it is disposed
• Means of transport on and off site.
• Local authority approval.
• Destination of the waste.
• A verification of correct disposal, for example, tip dockets.
After removal, the waste should be stored in containers resistant to asbestos dust to avoid further contamination.

The waste should be:

tfgerhjStored in tightly tied double bags, in the case of rupturing. Remember it is very harmful to human beings hence should not be inhaled.
• Not filled more than half of the bag. This reduces the possibility of rapture or spillage.
• Has excess air removed from the bags to stop the release of dust?
• The bags should be tied in gooseneck closure. This type of closure is not easy to break. Hence the contents will be safe.
• Ensure that all packages are marked indicating the presence of asbestos waste. This is a warning sign to individuals who do not know what is contained in the bags. They will hence handle it with care.
ersadffghbThe number of people involved in this process should be limited to ensure that the dangerous material is not taken back in the building with the work shoes. The workmen should use recommended respirator and thoroughly wash their body parts and the equipment and tools used. All tools used should be disposed as waste and never used again.

For proper disposal, the local authority should be contacted for direction toward the right sites. Never dispose of it in your dustbins. Dustbins maybe for trash only, but we have children and street children play in the bins. It is, for this reason, you must never dispose of asbestos in the dustbins for the safety of everyone.