The quality of your website determines your online presence. A website is the face of your business. You should make the appearance of your website less cluttered and let it appear very professional. If your website is professionally designed, it becomes visually appealing, easy to navigate and access, easy to use and gives relevant information to the visitors.

The visual principle should also apply even though the information is made for printing. Consider things as advert placements, font choices, even the utilization of white space and margin spacing. The first thing a visitor meets on opening your website should be relevant content. Important points should not come last because some customers do not have a lot of time to read down looking for what your website is all about. Minimize scrolling and ensure that all navigation keys are working properly.

Ensure that as you get a website design the following principle is observed

Layout structure

esdxsdfcgvhbA structure with a sense of familiarity attracts customers more. To make your site appealing, include 2 or 3 column format. Ensure that images and adverts are strategically placed in a way that creates flow and continuity. The fonts used should be easily readable, of the right sizes and supported by browsers.

White space

During design, white space should be put in consideration. It does not necessarily be white but just some space, with not words or images. Do not cluster the whole page with images, adverts, and texts.

Site dimensions

The dimensions should allow for proper viewing of your site. Monitors today have become bigger with higher resolution which makes page designing more attractive. It is, however, important to ensure that your site is fairly equally with the average monitor.

Site navigation

Navigation in your site should be made as easy as possible. It allows users to view any additional information without getting lost and many frustrations. A search engine is an important feature too on your website.

Browser compatibility

xdfcvgsdhbIf your website is compatible with browsers, then it is very easy to draw a lot of traffic. Another feature to include is cross-platform compatibility. Your site should be accessible by all users regardless of whether using Firefox, Mac, Internet Explorer or Pc.

Content relevance

At all times, you must ensure that the information in your website is relevant. Let the message you are trying to send be very clear. The ads you choose should also be chosen with the idea of relevance in mind.

Social media widgets

edrfsedfghThis allows more users to access your site. Allowing access to Facebook, Twitter or creating an RSS feed option gives users more options for accessing your website.…